New HoN Hero – Bushwhack

It has been a while since I’ve done this, but I thought I might as well keep you guys up to speed with the games that I do play. Here’s the newest Heroes of Newerth Hero Spotlight video for their newest hero, Bushwhack. Enjoy the video after the jump.

After watching the video, these are some of my thoughts:

  • Bushwhack is what I would call a League of Legends hero… he has four cool abilities, but they don’t seem to have any connection beyond their obvious benefits to the hero (e.i. dashing gives him bonus attack… he attacks a lot… therefore, SYNERGY! That’s not how hero design works guys.) I am glad however that they have finally created a hero that works together with their “flow” (e.i. he moves around and attacks and doesn’t have a channeled ability, for instance (unlike Solstice))
  • Clearvision on a passive? Really S2Games? Juking is my favorite thing that separates HoN from other games like LoL and Smite… why would you ever put it on a passive ability? This means that you can literally NEVER juke from a Bushwhack with half the mind to right click you… That’s just plain dumb.
  • He has a staff (Clarification thanks to XanderK, that is a blow gun, not a staff) AND a crossbow… why not let that play a part in his gameplay. When I initially saw his silhouette  I thought “Oh cool, a hero who will switch up his gameplay on the spot to match the scenario!” Instead I got a run of  the mill ranged carry that dances around and poisons people…
  • The obvious similarities with League of Legends’ Twitch are painful. What’s worst is Twitch is a BADLY designed hero…
  • I love heroes with passive ultimates that make them work. A great example was (the name escapes me) the Naga Guardian from Desert of Exile. Unlike Bushwhack, his ultimate was passive, but gave the player active options of using it in conjunction with his other abilities. As is, Bushwhack’s ultimate is just an obvious boost in DPS… nothing special… nothing interesting. Oh look, he poisons… great. That being said, this kind of design goes completely over most player’s heads (like 99% of LoL players) because it is EFFECTIVE (e.i. it deals damage and will help you kill people, therefore people will think the hero is well designed…) as opposed to actually interesting.
  • All in all, like most heroes, I’m going to have to see how he plays before I really make a final judgment on Bushwhack, but what I’ve seen so far doesn’t bode well for my opinion of the little troll. Aesthetically he is a cool hero, especially since he looks a lot like the trolls we’ve all come to love from the Warcraft universe that all of this AoS jazz began in. Sadly, aesthetics aren’t what make a good hero great, so I’ll just have to wait until he is released into the free roster in a few weeks.
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